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Class Baskets

As Seen on TV

    • Donated by Mrs. Doyle’s 6th grade class


    • Donated by Mrs. William’s 5th grade class

Awesomely NERF

    • Donated by Mr. Quinlan’s 4th grade class

Camping & Outdoor Fun

    • Donated by Mrs. Hostetter’s 3rd grade class

Awesomely NERF

    • Donated by Mrs. Wooden’s 2nd grade class


    • Donated by Mrs. Miller’s 1st grade class

Disney (Boy & Girl)

    • Donated by Mrs. Baker Kindergarten class

Coffee, Tea and Pamper Me!

    • Donated by Ms. Barb and Ms. Kelly Ann’s PK4s

Fiesta Anytime!

    • Donated by Ms. Charlotte’s PK3s


    • Donated by the Religious Education Department